About Us


I  help parents make decisions that will allow them balance their  work/life priorities and successfully navigate life transitions.  I also  help people dealing with severe and/or chronic illness to live life at  the fullest despite their illness.

Through  Life Coaching I will help you set goals and I will provide you with  accountability so you can achieve the success you dream about.

I  have come to coaching after many years of being an individual and  family therapist.  As a therapist, I came across many people who don't  necessarily need therapy but want to make changes in  their lives to  achieve the success they desire.  I believe coaching can provide this.

I  have navigated many life transitions myself and I understand that  sometimes we need some help to see the bigger picture and keep focus on  our goals.
Given my life and work experience, I am very interested in identity issues, cultural competence, women's issues and parenting   

Though  I work with many different kinds of people I am especially interested in  working with parents who every day have to make the best possible  choices to balance their family and careers.

As  a cancer survivor, I am also very interested in working with people who  despite having severe and/or chronic illness want to live their life to  the fullest.

One of the things I like most about coaching is the ability to do it on the phone or on Skype, which allows me to work with people in many different locations