Wonderful Listener

Jessica Stern is incredibly intuitive and a wonderful listener. She is able to see the best in you and tease your strengths out, while being a supporting force. Part thought provoker, part cheerleader, and part strategist, Jessica sees life holistically, creating a supportive and purposeful environment. She has a way of reflecting your own thoughts back in a way that creates focus and direction from confusion and lack of clarity. Jessica takes every conversation and person she meets to heart.

                                     A.T.   12/20/17

            Changed My Life

"The guidance you gave me, changed my life significantly, increasing my conscience level so I could understand the changes I could make to achieve wellness and calm  that I thought where not within my reach.  You were there with me at the right time and in the best way.  I am forever grateful to Change for Success Life Coaching"

Sandra P  1/29/18

She is an inspiration to others


I had the privilege of meeting Jessica in 2009 as a Breast Cancer patient, and then working with her when she became a volunteer at NH Oncology Hematology at the Payson Center in Concord NH. Her strength was apparent during this journey and it comes from within. I watched Jessica turn her personal circumstances into many positives as she continued in her volunteer role. She is a great listener, and provided comfort,  support and inspiration to other patients on their own journeys

Janeen Sefton, RN

Formerly at NHOH in Concord NH  

Helped me make the changes I needed

Eight years ago, I was facing crisis after crisis. My business of 10 years was failing, I was in the middle of my house in foreclosure, My 15 year old daughter was going through her terrible two’s it seemed like and I was dealing with the terminal illness of a parent and my beloved dog. I am sure there was more but it was such a blur…

I went to work as usual that day. I remember having to go to a jobsite and meet with tradespersons on a renovation. My client was there along with at least 8 other trades and as we were all staring into the basement from the second floor someone asked me something. I don’t even recall what. But that is when I “broke”. I literally just started crying and couldn’t stop. I ran out of the house and I went home and I cried for days and then it turned into weeks. I threw my phone away because I couldn’t and didn’t want to speak with anyone. 

I decided I needed help. I contacted a few professionals I found on the internet and that is how I started working with Jessica Stern. 

Fast forward a year after and things started changing. Listening and acting upon Jessica’s advice has been the most beneficial thing I have ever done. My career is far more successful beyond what I would have ever imagined to be. If you told me then I was going to be one of the most successful professionals in my industry I would have laughed and said you’re insane. She has given me the tools and the courage to change how I viewed myself and I started taking control of my life and my career. Her insight and advice is incredibly valuable. From the smallest task to life changing decisions, Jessica has been there to guide me through all of it. 

Today I am the happiest I have ever been. My daughter no longer hates me. I have married my soul mate and now have a ‘balanced’ life which I did not have before working with her. I thought by working day and night and taking every job that came my way was the answer to becoming successful. Little did I know back then it was the catalyst to my demise. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am still crazy and dysfunctional but I am now a “high functioning and happy” dysfunctional person. I have learned how to develop “patience” with loved ones in my personal life and I have learned how to view others opinions with a more diplomatic unbiased view.  She also taught me how to set boundaries with my clients.  I have learned from Jessica how to pursue my passions without sacrificing the sanity of myself or others around me.  I am convinced one hundred percent I would not be where I am today without working with Jessica. 

-Heather Meowcello

September 13, 2018